The Egyptian adventurer Hesham Nessim achieves a new record and joins the Guinness book of records

Toyota Egypt celebrates the success of the Egyptian adventurer in crossing the great sand sea in five and a half hours driving the Toyota FJ Cruiser in a difficult and dangerous journey

In a press conference arranged and attended by Mr. Amr El Ezaby Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Authority and General Ahmed Mokhtar Governor of El Wady El Gedeed in addition to Mr. Talal Omar Guinness representative; through which the success of Eng. Nessim's adventure was announced and recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

About Eng. Nessim's adventure:

The journey started from Siwa on the 2nd of March moving with an assisting team led by Mr. Mohamed Gabr & Eng. Mohammed Attia from Toyota Egypt in addition to witnesses from Guinness in a convoy consisting of 4 vehicles carrying all the supplies & maintenance equipment covering 3 days which is the period taken to arrive at the starting point in the south at the north of El Gelf Plateau. During this period Eng. Nessim experimented the vehicle and tried several maneuvers using the FJ Cruiser taking into consideration how he trusts Toyota vehicles as he used them in his previous experiences in addition to being the main pillar in his safari and tourism companies.

On the 5th of March the journey began from the starting point at the north of El Gelf Plateau at the south of the great sand sea at 6:45 am covering a distance of approx. 650 km till the ending point in Siwa at 12:18 pm. Guinness judges were informed with the updates & location each hour through GPS.

Eng. Nessim would like to acknowledge the presence of his navigator Mr. Ahmed Barakat who was the mind behind it all; he assisted Eng. Nessim to concentrate on driving and maneuvering when faced by difficulties and steep dunes. He would also like to acknowledge his mechanic Ragab Mohamed Ghoneim, both had major roles in the journey's success.

Journey's difficulties:
The first 5 hours Eng. Nessim drove at an average of 140 km/hr while maneuvering through dangerous sand dunes without using the 4 wheel drive feature. In the last 200 km the storm erupted creating a challenge to Eng. Nessim driving at an average speed of 100 km/hr using the 4 wheel drive feature trying to drive as careful as possible to eliminate the possibility of any failure.

The vehicle's strong body and light weight which is lighter than its competitors by 600 kg, and the strength of the engine and suspension; in addition to the design of the vehicle's front which allows a panoramic view through its front windshield and the vehicle's tires that give more stability. 

Eng. Nessim stressed that he could have saved 40 minutes in the total journey's duration if the storm hadn't erupted.

The journey's route:
Eng. Nessim studied the journey and set the location of the starting point with Guinness judges taking into consideration all the great sand sea natural dangers that covers 700 km from Siwa Oasis to El Gelf Plateau and 350 km from the east from El Farafra Oasis till the Libyan borders in the west.

In the press conference, Mr. Talal Guinness representative announced the success of Eng. Nessim and recording his name as the first Egyptian and Arab human in the Guinness book of records. Mr. Talal declared that this record is considered a high difficulty matter which will have high priority and weight in the next issue of the Guinness Book.

Guinness agency receives 1000 requests weekly from all over the world which they study and monitor and accordingly set their guidelines.

At first the Guinness agency reaction towards the attempt was very discreet due to the dangers of the desert itself; but after Eng. Nessim's 3 months negotiations of studying the idea, the guidelines were set and a name was given to the record "Fastest sand sea crossing"

Eng. Hesham Nessim's Biography:

He started at first as a mechanical engineer and shifted his career to be a business man owning several hotels and a touristic company 'Aqua Sun'. His main hobby is desert adventures. Most of the new desert discoveries were accomplished by his expedition department in his company. Recently he arranged several safari trips under the name of 'Spirit of Adventure' to bring up new Egyptian adventurers like him.
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